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2002 Tii BMW


1974 2002 Tii was the “Breathed on version” of the standard 4 door 2002 sedan. The 2002 was a 4 door updated version of the 1600 2 door. These sport sedans established BMW as a leader in building sedans with sports car performance. These sedans helped to save the company and reestablish it’s reputation. The Tii version was equipped with mechanical fuel injection as opposed to carburetors on the standard 2002. With higher compression it boasted 130HP . It had a top end of 118 MPH and did a 0-60 in 9.8 seconds. This is the most sought after version of the 2002 and the most valuable. This car though restored , needed some straightening out of the very complicated Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection system. We are in the process of making it right.

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