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Feb 282015

Rebuilding your engines not to be taken lightly. It takes expertise, care and precision.

Rebuilding an engine in our shop means putting out a product that is as good as when it left the factory or better, with modern upgrades.

To some rebuilding merely means a “target repair,” replacement of piston rings or engine bearings and a valve job. Unless the engine block and crankshaft are machined to achieve exacting tolerances,  the “target repair” will be short lived. The clearances on the bottom end of the engine are critical in achieving good oil pressure. This can be achieved by cutting the journals of the crankshaft and installing oversized bearings to establish the correct clearance. Once machined, but before final assembly these clearances should be rechecked. Meticulous cleaning of all parts is essential before assembly.

The pistons ride up and down in the cylinders  several thousand times a minute when the engine is running. After years of use the cylinder chamber is worn and not completely round. Once again by merely replacing the piston rings to account for wear the result is short lived and the engine will use oil. To obtain proper results establishing the proper clearances the cylinders need to be bored out to accommodate new oversized pistons.

Once again Valve job has several translations. It can mean merely cutting the valve seats and lapping in the existing valves. Valve stems and the guides with which they ride wear cause oil usage. When the valve head does not properly close against its seat a loss of compression will result. At the machine shop the head is surfaced, checked for straightness and crack tested. The guides,valves,springs, and seals are all replaced. The valve seats are cut on several angles and finally the valves are hand lapped in place.

Engine rebuilding is not to betaken lightly. When someone asks”Why so expensive?”

It takes time and experience to do it right.

A few images from before and during a rebuild.

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