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Feb 072015

We keep reading how the classic and vintage car market is going up and up. Cars have proven to be better investments paintings or the stock market, which is true with certain caveats. My first rule of purchasing a classic car, is never to buy a car you don’t really want to own. Short term ownership may have unfortunate financial consequences – not everyone makes money on cars.

Cars unlike other collectibles ( such as stamps and coins) require proper storage. You need dry preferably heated space to store your purchase and your wife  may be reluctant to put her SUV out in the cold in favor of your 190SL. Cars need care and maintenance. Generally a classic car is used less frequently and the battery needs a maintenance charge.

People have an  affinity towards specific cars. That car might be something from their youth, a car they always dreamed about owning. A  car  that you envision yourself in, that gives you  personal joy.  Something that you appreciate for it’s shear beauty and style.These are all good reasons for ownership. Most of all classic cars are an investment you can drive,share and enjoy.

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