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Mar 282015

Quality independent versus Dealer service.

We are a neighborhood shop, dependent on your good will. As such we have to work harder for your money. The nature of how we conduct business is different from the dealerships. We compensate our mechanics with an hourly wage rather then how many jobs they can rush through in an hour. Our mechanics know that the customers best interests are their concern. They know how to prioritize repairs for the best return on your investment.

We offer accessibility, not only in terms of making appointments for service, but also fielding emergencies when you really need us.

Briarcliff Classic and Imported  is famous for  its glass wall that allows customers in the waiting room and office to see  into the clean, well lighted working area.

In addition, when needed the customer can describe a “Mystery noise” or such directly to the mechanic who will be addressing the repair. And they  will be available to you for conversation or test drive. Old fashion service that you can depend on when you need it is what we offer.

We have decades of experience and have made a large investment in the latest diagnostic equipment. In addition to current models we have vast experience in servicing and restoring older automobiles.

In short. “We are the mechanics you have always been looking for!”

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