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Mar 212015

Choosing a mechanic, can be a lot like choosing a doctor. You would never choose a doctor on the basis of price alone. A personal recommendation  from friend or relative  is the best possible avenue. The internet is a good source to read other’s experience at a shop. It’s also possible to view the history and experience of the facility you want to do business with. A  visit to the facility  in question is always a good idea. The appearance and cleanliness of the facility is always good indication of how they might treat you car. Other cars like yours in the parking lot is always a good indication that there is knowledge of your particular car. Accessibility is important. Will the shop be accessible when you need help or merely when it is convenient for them? Is there accessibility to the technician who is actually servicing your car? Can you describe directly to that person, the problem existent in your car?

Find a good independent mechanic whose passion is doing the job right. Find one that is cerebral enough to know that servicing your best interests  serves his as well. Find one who is interested in establishing a long term relationship based on mutual trust and good work.

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