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Mar 142015

Service is the key to longevity. As the age of a car on the road these days is 10 years old, it is apparent that cars are lasting longer. Engine and major drive train components are built to last for 250,000 miles or more. Synthetic oils and new technology have lent to longer lasting engines. But even with synthetic oils in place, oil changes and regular servicing are necessary to prolong the life of your car. So called flex servicing isn’t regular servicing. A mere oil change doesn’t necessarily address the the tire pressures, brakes or other fluids. We recommend an oil change every 5000 miles with synthetic oil. At that time we road test and inspect the car on a lift to determine any needs the car might have. The chassis is inspected for rust. The brakes, suspension and steering are all checked for worn parts. The tires are checked for wear and the pressure is adjusted, including the spare. All the fluids under the hood are checked and topped off. Belts, hoses, and rubber parts that can age, are checked for wear and cracks. All lights, wipers, horn and other safety aspects of the car are inspected. In short our minor service, which includes an oil change insures that your car will provide reliable and safe  service you can count on.

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