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Mar 142015

I had a customer come into our shop with a 2008 automatic with mid sixties on the odometer. The dealer inspected the car and came up with $10,000.00 of necessary repairs. A shocking thought that a quality European car with a mere 67,000 miles would need work amounting to the value of the car. They did offer to help him out by allowing him to trade it in on a new model. The technician, in my opinion, was up-selling the necessary work. Up-selling denotes when the technician who services a car looks for items that can be sold to the customer. In some cases this can reflect the interests of the repairer rather then the consumer. For example upon inspection of the braking system the pads had some wear on them but were certainly not worn out or in need of replacement at the time.

In our shop we always try to act as advocate for our customers. We do sell necessary repairs but only when needed. When we inspect a car during service we look for required work to keep the car safe and reliable. The repairs needed are prioritized into three tiers. 1) repairs needed immediately for safety or reliability  2) Those you might expect in the next six months to a year. 3) Lastly those items that are existent , needed to be watched, but no further action is required. The customers best interests are in our best interest as well.

Oh, by the way the customer with the $10,000.00 estimate from a dealership was repaired at our shop for $3,570.00 plus tax.

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