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Jun 202015

Briarcliff Classic and Imported Car Service has been in the business of helping people repair their cars for over 40 years. We are dedicated to the preservation of classic cars and  the maintenance of modern cars for our customers.

A properly maintained automobile will be less prone to costly and inconvenient break downs. Mark Twain once said something to the effect that he knew  he was going to live so long he would have taken better care of his teeth. Visits to the dentist are a necessary part of life. In the same way your car requires regular scheduled service to keep it in good working order, without being  frightening.

Our dedicated and knowledgable staff act as advocates and guides to maintaining your car. As part of our regular service the car is road tested to help determine any needs or required service. Once on the lift the car is checked in our multi point service inspection and needs are prioritized.

Prioritization cites safety and reliability as your TOP concern. The technicians acts as your advocate looking out for your best interests.

Any and all needs are presented to the customer in a way they can easily comprehend. If need be the customer has direct access to the technician working on on the car to help clarify and remove the mystery of the process, something that doesn’t happen at todays impersonal dealerships.

In short we offer a transparent, knowledgable and friendly experience.

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