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Jul 012016
Summer auto maintenance tips

‘Feeling the summer heat’ has become trending phrase these days. As we do everything that can be done to ensure our well-being and protection from sweltering temperatures outside – there is something we should focus on as well and that is the maintenance of one of the most essential mechanical contraptions every made – the car. In light of this, mentioned below are some really important auto maintenance tips for this year’s summer.

Auto Maintenance Tips You Need to Enhance your Car’s Performance in the Heat

Summer can be a tough season for your car, especially in dangerous temperatures that can cause your car battery to melt, overheat your cooling mechanism and damage your tires. As a general precaution, it goes without saying that you need to make a daily routine to inspect all of the above mentioned things. Here is a breakdown of what you should do:

De-Winterize Your Vehicle First

If you’ve added winter components and fluids in your car to beat the freeze, you will have to undo everything to beat the heat. For example, if you snow tires installed, it is important to realize that they will make your car heavy and tough to handle at high speeds and will affect your fuel economy.

Moreover, if you haven’t routinely driven your car during winter, it is absolutely essential to inspect all fluid levels. Check the transmission oil, the coolant, the differential and brake fluid. You have to ensure that everything is in check before taking the car out in the heat.

Clean the Undercarriage

Another major factor that most people completely neglect is cleaning their vehicle’s undercarriage. Now that winter is finally over, you have to get it cleaned as the salt that is primarily used to melt all the snow on the road can slowly damage all the metal. This can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance expenses that you can quite easily prevent. This is one of the more important auto maintenance tips to follow.

Inspect Timing Belts and Hoses

The most fundamental element when it comes to driving in the heat every day is ensuring that the engine stays cool.  This means making sure you aren’t running low coolant or have any sort of radiator damage. This is why it is so important to inspect your vehicle’s hoses and belts that are designed to efficiently and effectively pump the coolant in the radiator into the engine. If the hoses and the belts supporting this mechanism are damaged, you can very well expect damage to the engine.

Clean the Battery

Winters can causes of a lot of damage to your battery. However, hot weather can also have an equally adverse effect on it. The heat can boost the chemical reaction of the battery, which leads to it overcharged. And that isn’t good for the car. So, the most effective thing that you can do to prevent this is to clean the battery. Take of the cables first, and remove all the carbon from the terminals. Even better, take it to a car electrician for a more detailed inspection.

All in all, these are some of the best auto maintenance tips you can implement during summer time.

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