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Nov 012016
Understanding the True Value of Preventive Auto Maintenance

For a majority of people, maintaining their vehicles comprises of nothing more than filling the gas tank and having the oil changed. However, auto maintenance is about more than that, it is about ensuring that the vehicle you drive stays functional, not to mention drivable. Yes, you might have to loosen-up some money to pay […]

Aug 012016
How to Select the Right Preventive Auto Maintenance Service

One of the most frequently asked questions online is, ‘how do I find the right auto maintenance service?’ While trusting a mechanic through word of mouth alone was a trial and error process back in the day, things have certainly changed today.  However, in these technological robust times, an experienced and professional mechanic might just […]

Jul 012016
Preventive Auto Maintenance Tips for Summer

‘Feeling the summer heat’ has become trending phrase these days. As we do everything that can be done to ensure our well-being and protection from sweltering temperatures outside – there is something we should focus on as well and that is the maintenance of one of the most essential mechanical contraptions every made – the […]

Jun 012016
Benefits of Preventive Auto Maintenance

Despite there being numerous advantages of preventive auto maintenance, there are still a lot of people who neglect or refuse to have their car frequently maintained and/or repaired. While some don’t like to spend a lot of money, others simply don’t have a clue about repair and maintenance. And some just hesitate to go to […]

Jun 202015

Briarcliff Classic and Imported Car Service has been in the business of helping people repair their cars for over 40 years. We are dedicated to the preservation of classic cars and  the maintenance of modern cars for our customers. A properly maintained automobile will be less prone to costly and inconvenient break downs. Mark Twain […]

Mar 282015

Quality independent versus Dealer service. We are a neighborhood shop, dependent on your good will. As such we have to work harder for your money. The nature of how we conduct business is different from the dealerships. We compensate our mechanics with an hourly wage rather then how many jobs they can rush through in […]