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Bugeyed Sprite


The photo of the “grinning” gentleman standing next to the “Bugeyed” Sprite, was taken by the late Karen Miller in 1982. I had just captured the North Atlantic Road Racing Championship in my class in this car. It was a moody October day at Lime Rock and it rained off and on all that morning. The previous race had been stopped by a downpour.Our mood wasn’t much better after well respected architect Ricardo Scofidio and I had stayed up all night putting the finishing touches on Catalono’s race engine.  Half the field had  started on rain tires, having no such luxury I raced on my “slicks” (No tread). Due to a mis-fire I qualified last on the grid. I found myself in second place with three laps to go in this 30 lap event. Coming down the hill with the checkered flag in sight, I put two wheels on the dirt in a “Bonzai” move. I took  the lead and held it to the checker. I went on to race this car in the Sports Car Club of America on the national level but not before capturing two regional championships.

The “Bugeye” as it was affectionately known was designed by Gerry Coker for the Donald Healey Motor Company. It was designed as a small, inexpensive sports car with a 948 cc engine. In stock trim,going down hill the car was capable of abot 80 M.P.H. My racing version was clocked in access of 125 M.P.H. at Lime Rock.

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