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Providing the highest quality of service is our mission.
But it’s also our pride and joy.

Because each of us at Briarcliff Classic and Imported is an auto enthusiast, we know how important it is to keep every system and component of your car serviced and at the ready.  Not just the engine, transmission and brakes (though they are mighty important!)

Here are some examples:

This is a car’s cabin filter.  Ever heard of that?  It filters out dirt, pollution, leaves, pollen and other contaminants through your car’s cabin ventilation system, so you and your passengers don’t have to be breathing that stuff.  On the left is a clean filter, and on the right is what is more typically found in cars we see.  Yuck!

The owner of the car that this oil filter came from thought that he had just changed his oil and filter recently. The filter in question was an off brand and not a recommended factory filter, definitely not ours. Oil is the life blood of an engine. It serves to lubricate all the moving parts of an engine. Regular oil changes protect your engine. After a period of time oil gets contaminated with dirt, gasoline and other impurities. Its ability to protect your engine is diminished. I race cars and after every race I change my oil because of the extreme conditions under which  the engine is run. In my street cars that utilize non-synthetic oils, I change the oil every 3,000 miles and in the cars that utilize synthetic oil, I change the oil every 5,000 miles.  No filter that was taken off one of my cars would ever look like that one!

The cowl drain is a plastic aperature in front of your windshield that diverts rain water out of your engine compartment. These cowls can fill with leaves and debris and clog up. When they do so, water can end up in the passenger compartment of your car. When we service your car these drains are vacuumed or blown out to prevent damage to the interior of your car and electrical components behind the dashboard where the water can find itself.

Batteries don’t last forever, usually 5-6 years for a quality battery . Batteries need to be serviced periodically, like most things in your car, for better longevity. The connections should be clean and free of corrosion. In addition the alternator belt should be checked for signs of wear.

Brake fluid is supposed to be clear. Your safety and the reliabilty of your braking system depends on this. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, a long way of saying that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Water in the hydraulic sytem compresses and will give a ‘spongy’ response in the brake pedal. Also moisture will cause corrosion in expensive brake components. Most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid flush every two years, regardless of mileage.

As part of our minor service, these are just a few of many items we regularly check, and replace or repair as necessary.  All the tires, including the spare, are checked, the fluids, lights, suspension and steering are all checked as well.   We go over with you other items we find that perhaps are not immediately necessary, but may be soon.  Together, we create a schedule of maintenance that will keep your car in tip-top shape, but without breaking your bank.  Why not protect your investment?  As Mark Twain once said when asked, “I would have taken better care of my teeth if I knew I was going to live so long!”

The Glass Wall

Ever tried to talk with the mechanic working on your car when you bring it in for service at a dealership?  It’s practically impossible – there’s usually a wall of paperpushers and supervisors between you and the person actually working on your car.

Our people talk with you.  If you hear a funny noise, he’ll ride with you until HE hears it too.  If he finds something important while going over your car, you’ll hear it from HIM, not from someone else.

Symbolic of this is our custom-made Glass Wall that separates the garage area from the office. You can see everything that is going on – no secrets.  You can see how clean and organized the work area is.  You can watch the guys working on your own car.  And you can ask questions and learn better your role in your car’s maintenance.

Remember, the more you know and understand about the care of your car, the better we can work together towards making your car reliable and safe far into the future.