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Bob, I don’t think the Jaguar has ever been smoother — and I have been driving it since 1979. Thank you. We will toast your boat.

Best, John 

John Brecher

Senior EditorGrape Collective


I am absolutely blown away by how well the XKE drives. It’s just incredible.  It is so poised and stable and smooth. Previously it was really scary to go over 50, and I was having an incredibly difficult time keeping it under 70 on the way home. I really had no idea that that’s what it was capable of being like.  The check is in today’s mail. 


I want to send a heartfelt thanks to Bob and his team at BCI. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bob a few years ago and he’s been terrific at keeping an ’01 Jaguar XK8, an ’05 CR-V, and now an ’01 XKR Silverstone in top form. Bob and the team not only do great work, they’re high integrity when it comes to scheduling, cost, and customer service. Highly recommended.

David Post



My wife and I are truly pleased that we found Briarcliff Classic. I’ve had several odd problems with my Mercedes, and they’ve been able to diagnose and fix each problem at a fraction of what the Mercedes dealer would charge. My wife now takes her Toyota there for routine servicing. It’s always a struggle to find a good and reliable auto repair shop — and it’s always a great feeling when you find one that you can trust on every count. That’s how we feel about Briarcliff Classic.


Peter Schneider





I met Bob in 2006 when he first worked on my 1964 MGB Roadster.  Bob was a real pleasure to work with.  Repairs were done perfectly and with care.  I’ve undertaken a recent Cobra 4 year build and Bob has been great with recommendations and suggestions whenever possible.  Highly recommend Bob at Briarcliff Classics.

Paul Mischenko




BCI is a top notch business!
Yes, they fix cars – but more important than the successful fixing of my cars, (which has happened countless times between my car, my wifes’ and my daughters’ car) they operate as true professionals. Picked up and dropped off at the station when needed, next day follow up call to see if the car is fine, and a further follow up to insure a week later that all is good.
Based on my experience alone, I feel confident recommending the team at BCI to fellow car enthusiasts and other Jaguar owners without hesitation!
Many thanks to Bob and the team!

Richard Clarkson



 Spring is coming, get your sports car ready for a great season of driving.









Car felt absolutely great! If it had been a bit warmer tonight, I would have gone for a joy ride. The brakes work much better than what I had done, too. The calipers weren’t that old. I would have thought the pads would have been still good.

Anyway, I crawled under there tonight and everything looks great to me.  I’m glad I had you do this job for me.

Thanks so much.


George Riggs




In the February 2019 issue of Consumer Reports it states that members reported greater satisfaction with independent Mechanics overall the members who took their cars to chain auto repair stores or local dealerships.



I am aware of how tedious and difficult the M6 can be to work on. So I am extra grateful that you will take it on. The a/c repair was icing on a great cake. You’re worth your weight in gold.

John Blankenship





Hi Bob:

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great job you did on my ’65 Mustang. It runs better than ever. The entire transaction was easy, you kept me fully informed the whole way, and did the repairs in just a few days. I’ll be back for any future repair or servicing needs on my Mustang.

Thanks again

Tom Skelton 





Dear Bob,

I’m writing this so you can share with everyone your wonderful work. Thank you for everything. Joe On October 1, 2015 my father turned 80 years old. His overall health wasn’t what it once was but he was still one tough hombre and of course the greatest dad any son could ever ask for. At the time my dad was driving a 2013 Mercedes E 350. A life long “Benz” guy this was the first new car he had bought in many years as he just couldn’t bear to part with his beloved 1997 W140 S430 sedan. Although quite happy with his new car my old man just couldn’t let go and talked constantly about his S430.(which had bee passed on to some of my cousins) So in 2015 as his 80th approached I found a solid 96 s500 in a beautiful light blue finish. I had the basics done and re sprayed the paint but the time window was short. I shipped the car from my home in Los Angeles to my parents in the NYC suburbs. The look of joy from dad when I presented him with the “new” S500 is one that has seared itself into my memory. My parents used the car for the winter months in FLORIDA and returned in April 2016 because my father needed knee surgery. On May 5, 2016 my father, my hero, my mentor passed away unexpectedly the day after he came home from his surgery. My family was devastated we had lost our dad far too soon. During the days that followed I drove around in the very car I had given my dad just months earlier. The smell of his cigars and sounds of Sinatra still permeated the inside. I decided then that as a homage to this great man whom I loved so much that I would do whatever I could to bring this car to its former glory and hold onto it as a driveable memorial of my dad. Enter Robert Millstein. I found Briarcliff Classics through a simple online search and relayed to Bob much the story above. The first time we spoke I knew I had made the best decision. Bob understood the importance of the project on a personal level. He took his time and communicated the progress with me regularly. When it was just recently completed I can say with complete satisfaction that confidence that Bob Millstein and Briarcliff classics have not only superbly completed this restoration project but he has helped fill a void in my heart left by the death of my father. Now, thanks to Bob, I have a little piece of my dad forever. Thank you Bob for understanding what this meant to me and for the outstanding work you’ve done. Sincerely, Joe Casale Playa Del Rey, CA


The XKE is unbelievable! It drives like it was born to be this way! I had it up to 85 and it wasn’t even breathing hard. Thank you! Steve Silipe


I just wanted to drop you a note, it was a pleasure meeting you and I couldn’t have found a better shop to repair my MGA. I have been motoring around town since I got her back. Your knowledge and concern for customer satisfaction is impeccable. Sincerely Paul Tropeano


Big smile!
Car ran great – more punch for sure, stayed cool too – even in horrible stop and go traffic
Exhaust has a much “cleaner, throaty” sound and the tone is different when you pop over 4k rpm’s
80 + wout overdrive was nothing
Very pleased
Thanks for the great work

Glenn Bernstein


Hey Bob,

I just want to say thanks for the work your crew did on my ‘52 XK 120. After not driving it for too long a time the excellent work your team performed on the car was outstanding. My first ride was from Queens NY to the Woodstock All British car show which was cancelled due to rain. Biblical rain! But lousy weather could not detract from the fun I had driving this car which was now totally worry free. We put on about 400 miles and in all the years I’ve owned the car I now do not worry about anything electrical, poor starting, overheating, leaking or anything else. My best regards to Andrew and Leo whose mechanical skills astound me.   Thanks,  Bill Zalesky








I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent work you just completed on my XKE. The total tear down of my V12 to replace all of the leaking gaskets and seals,due to its long storage, was a monumental task. I must admit I was a little nervous that everything would go back together without a hitch. Your team is not only experienced and professional but it is apparent that they take pride in their high quality work they perform. It is a shame that non car guys and girls have access to your great work because they can never appreciate your efforts and time put in to do the job the right way. Thanks for allowing me to feel a part of the work that you continue to do for me.

Marc Goldstein





Casey Raskob

March 2 at 10:59pm
BCI is the best shop in Westchester, possibly the world. If you are a car guy, or gal, you can destroy their productivity easily with just a quick walkabout in the shop. If you are a high maintenance (PIA) client such as myself, with some convoluted story, they’ll listen patiently then fix the car correctly, not the way you diagnosed on the internet. Don’t be intimidated (or too jealous) with the vintage or exotic cars in the lot…they’ll happily and professionally fix your mass produced ride as well.







VICTOR,GOLDIN,MD 440 West End Aveenue New York,NY 10024

Dear Bob,

I have driven and owned cars for more then fifty years. In that time I have had any number of encounters with repair shops and there staffs. Driving back to the city this afternoon in my competently repaired Volvo I resolved to write and tell you in what ways my experience with you stood out from the others. When I called you on Monday the 9th unable to move my gershift I suspected that I was facing a complicated mechanical mishap. When I explained my situation, even though I could sense that the shop was busy you told me to come right over. WHen I got to your place, I overheard several phone conversations that you handled. Two things stood out. One was the number of details that you handled, apperently with ease. The other the courtesy you extended to everyone. It was more then merely being polite; it was spending the extra few moments to go into the details of each interaction You asked me when I needed the car and when I told you I’d like to have it by the end of the week you told me “I’ll give it a shot. call me in a few days.” When I called on Wednesday and realized the amount of work that needed to be done and the number of parts that needed to be ordered, I abandoned hope of seeing the car for at least another week. When I next heard from you and you reviewed the progress and what still had to be done, I was floored when you said you might have it ready by Friday and asked me to call again around noon. Suffice it to say I picked up the car at 4 PM Friday and everything that I had requested was done and done with care. I know you are running on a summer schedule with some of your regular mechanics on vacation so I was impressed. What impressed me even more was your description of the work involved. What came through was your expertise, your love of your work and the justfiable pride that you take in figuring out a complicated mechanical puzzle and putting it to right. I assume you’ve been told this many times before but I just wanted to say “You’re a helluva guy and run a great show.” Thanks Vic



Bob and Leo,

You both are great to work with! Thanks for tuning my Volvo 122 and making it run the way it is suppose to. No one else could tweak thing the way you guys did.

Brendan Foulois




I really got a chance to look at, drive and appreciate the MG over the weekend and wanted to thank you again for the way you took charge and managed ( and did) the work.

I think it came out beautifully and it drives great.

I love these old cars and get an enormous amount of pleasure from it.

I have a number of friends who have these cars and I will continue to tell them to entrust their cars to you.



Larry Gainen
Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti LLP


Thanks for all your efforts on our cars. I really appreciate the work! Its a comforting feeling to know both the Volvo and Toyota are in good working order and safe for my prize possessions.

The 4 Runner seems to be running much better, I really notice a difference going up hills.

Thanks again,

Cliff Kahan
December 14, 2011

Your service is superior, and you are always fair in price. Whether it’s our 2002 Mercedes or our 10 year old Rav-4, you take the mystery out of car maintenance.  Thank you.

Herbert Haddad
1998 Toyota Rav4
2002 Mercedes Benz S500
2003 Mercedes Benz ML500

Neither this check nor my sentiments adequately express our gratitude for your “Being There”, always.

Stanley Goldstein
2002 Audi A4
1998 Jaguar XJ8

Mary Schreiber
2000 Saab 95 Wagon

Finding a good technician to keep your car running is difficult. The dealer is expensive and often does not live up to expectation. The service writer is designed to keep you away from the technician…what are they hiding? In the past 15 years, I’ve had five cars serviced at BCI, and in each case, the cars were properly repaired and the prices reasonable. All work is explained in an intelligent fashion and performed correctly. A car is a huge investment, and finding a shop that can keep that investment on the road as long as possible is hard. BCI is that rare shop that won’t tell stories.

Casey Raskob
2003 BMW 330i
2008 Acura MDX


Thanks again for the hand holding! I’m sure part of your success is the psychological work you do for your customers.

Jennifer Phelps
1997 Subaru Outback
1991 Mercedez Benz 300SEL

For 6 years Bob Millstein and the mechanics at BCI have taken care of all my family’s car repair and emergency needs, from my vintage MGA to my specialty Saab convertible and late model Volvo wagon. Their knowledge and attention to service is unsurpassed.

L. Rivlin, Yorktown Hts., NY
1960 MGA Roadster
2011 Volvo C30
1998 Volvo V70

Dear Bob,

Once again, you and your team of mechanics have come through with flying colors!

The repairs and maintenance just made to my Healey have it running like a Swiss watch.

Bob, BCI is all about your workmanship as well as your enthusiasm and knowledge of classic cars. You are truly appreciated. Many thanks again.

Charlie Fuehrer
1965 Austin Healy 3000

Hi Bob,

That car is so nice to drive when everything is “right” and it goes off so gradually even I don’t notice. What a difference it makes to “freshen” the brakes and suspension bushings. You provide an increasingly rare, and essential, service in knowing what these cars need and having the right parts.

The light bulb went on in my head when you told me it needed a tire valve. Then it made sense why the pressure was off when it was OK a few days ago.

I left the old rotors since I expect my new ones to last for my lifetime!

Many thanks,
Andy Greenberg
1969 Jaguar XKE
2003 Lincoln LS

David Traver Adolphus wrote such an interesting piece on my Sunbeam Alpine that I am now wondering why I sold it. David LaChance’s photographs certainly bring out the beauty of the automobile. The state of the car however, must be credited to the shop that brought it to such spectacular condition. It’s always interesting that when I look at the many beautiful cars featured in your magazine I never really think about how they are kept in such perfect shape. Thankfully for me, Bob Millstein and his head mechanic Leo Bunker of Briarcliff Classic & Imported have been responsible for making me look good in the three cars I now presently own, a ’69 Saab V4, a ’63 Porsche 356 Coupe, and a ’63 Mercedes Benz 190 SL. Part of the pleasure of driving any sports car that’s more than 40 years old is when you know that the car will take you where you’re going and not leave you stranded on the side of the road. That feeling of security only happens with great service and maintenance by someone who knows the quirks of your machine. So, remember to be thankful whenever you’re blessed with a great repair shop.

Ric  Scofidio
1969 Saab
1963 Porsche
1963 Mercedes

The car is now fantastic!  Leo (with you able assistance) is a genius.  Does he imbibe?  I’d like to get him a small gift, bottle of scotch, wine, etc.  The Jag was pretty to look at before, but now it is an absolute blast to drive as well!  Thanks, I’ll call you in the AM about the balance of the bill, if I can get the courage up –

Michael Irwin
XK-150 Jaguar


You hit it perfectly.  I followed the steering shaft from wheel to floorboard.  The U joint behind the steering wheel was tight, even had factory torque marks still across the bolts.
 The flat rater @ Acura  Bedford Hills was probably really under the gun, as this was the second time the job had to be done-the first time they messed up a $8 seal between two cases and the car was drooling ATF in my (clean) driveway.  What is worse than warranty work ?  A pissed off attorney-customer with a rebound warranty job ! (My letter to Honda would be properly translated into Kanji and sent to Japan)
The u joint with the double splined females by the floorboard was loose-you could even feel some side deflection while turning the steering wheel.  Clearly when the truck was slapped back together he never went back…I found two of the three fittings holding the plastic floorboard cover plate under the mat…the top splined bolt was loose, took two complete turns to begin to resist.  Bottom was loose two, took one turn.
Voila !  Clunk removed, four transient sets of vibrations damped, and your reputation as a genius intact !   Car drives again like it is supposed to….like they gave some Honda engineers a Pilot and an X5 and said “copy the driving feel”.
IOU a beer-maybe two.
Casey Raskob, Esq.
Fighting Traffic Tickets Statewide since 1990
OK I am impressed, my hat is off to you Bob and your team members. You care about customer satisfaction and was determined to make my car safe and most reliable.I will bring my beloved TR6 back for absolute perfection  service. I will recommend BRIARCLIFF CLASSIC with out any reservation whatsoever. Thanks for the follow up call.

Just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job on the dune buggy-having a lot of fun
Jerry Horowitz
Hi Bob,
It is my pleasure to offer ” a token gift of appreciation” to you &
your cohorts-  that each represent “top shelf professionals” in their
expertise” – so be gracious- and enjoy’!
You most especially the “Captain of Your Ship” who is always ready
to assist, give objective feedback, with your depth & wealth of knowledge………..Never Goes Unnoticed By Me.
Have a good night.
terry & licks from tait

Bob:I would like you and your technicians to know that Lynn and I (Yes, she did actually drive it) are thoroughly pleased with the way that BCI has turned the car out!The power is smooth and certain, the transmission energtic and the overall performance is exciting and as smooth as glass.We have just completed a round trip to the Scranton area with lenghty stretches of 80+ as well as ungraded twisting country roads, in absolute comfort. I doubt that the car was any more nimble, surefooted or presented any quieter a ride when it was new.Congratulations, You Guys “nailed it”!Best regards . . . .

I really got a chance to look at, drive and appreciate the MG over the weekend and wanted to thank you again for the way you took charge and managed ( and did) the work.
I think it came out beautifully and it drives great.
I love these old cars and get an enormous amount of pleasure from it.
I have a number of friends who have these cars and I will continue to tell them to entrust their cars to you. Regards.

Larry Gainen